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David R. Harder, Ph.D.
Professor of Physiology, Medicine and Pediatrics

Associate Dean for Research

Kohler Co. Endowed Chair

Director for Mentoring CTSI
Phone: (414) 955-8200  
Email: dharder@mcw.edu
M.S. Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, 1975
Ph.D. Biophysics, Medical College of Wisconsin, 1976

Research areas: Cardiovascular Physiology
  Molecular & Cellular Physiology

Current research:

Autoregulation of Cerebral Blood FlowThe main goal of this project is to define the genetic factor responsible for autoregulation of cerebral blood flow, including the signaling cascades and ionic mechanisms that mediate pressure-induced myogenic tone.Regulating Cerebral Microcirculation by AstrocytesThe goal of this project is to define mechanisms by which epoxygenase metabolites of astrocytes inhibit autoregulatory vasoconstriction of cerebral arteries.

The major goal of this project is to define some of the cellular and ionic mechanisms through which superoxide and hydrogen peroxide modulate myogenic autoregulation of cerebral blood flow.


Recent Publications:


  • Gebremedhin D, Narayanan J, Harder DR, (2011) Pressure-Induces Myogenic Tone and Role of 20-HETE in Mediating Autoregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2011 Jan 21 [PubMed, PMID: 21257913]
  • Imig, JD, Simpkins AN, Renic M, Harder DR, (2011) Cytochrome P450 eicosanoids and cerebral vascular function. Expert Rev Mol Med  2011 Mar 1 [PubMed, PMID: 21356152]
  • Liu X, Li C, Gebremedhin D, Hwang SH, Hammock BD, Falck JR, Roman RJ, Harder DR, Koehler RC (2011) Epoxyeicosatrienoic acid-dependent cerebral vasodilation evoked by metabotropic glutamate receptor activation in vivo. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2011 [PubMed, PMID: 21602473].
  • Sarkar P, Narayanan J, Harder DR (2011) Differential effect of amyloid beta on the cytochrome P450 epoxygenase activity in rat brain. Neuroscience. 2011 Oct 27 [PubMed, PMID: 21843605].


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